Something happened to me in the early hours of this morning. As I knelt to pray, I was led to review my prayer points (the usual mother’s stuff after kingdom advancement, you know… children, husband, family, of course trust mothers only 3% percent or less of their prayers is really about them.)

Anyway this morning, I went through my prayer points in my mind and I realised that folks the whole world has only one prayer point now. And that is my heart cry today which I am drawing our attention to.

1. Tell me who passes an exam that is not written? So your prayer for that your child to pass WAEC or any examination for that matter is being delayed because you are not yet serious about the issues at hand.

2. Who gets a job and resume in an office that is not opened when there is a nationwide lockdown? As an applicant or new employee, your prayer can only be “let this plague be over”

3. Of What value is your visa when the borders are closed? So even with your ticket, you still cannot fly. All you can do is change dates and pray an end to this pandemic.

4. OK, who is going to give you that Visa when all the embassies remain locked?

5. How can you or your ward graduate even though you are in final year when the universities remain closed?

6. Ok you scored 296 in JAMB. Praise God but where are you going to use it if the universities remain shut?

The list is endless. So many things that cannot happen because the world has been held to ransom.

Its time to wake up and pray. For those of us and nations who are by mercy and grace exempted from this virus pray, Please PRAY, PRAY and PRAY.

I am astonished when I read some arguments on the social media. Yes the prayer houses are closed but our mouths are not, our knees can still bend. We can call on God.

Yes doctors are needed, researchers are busy, all health workers work 24/7, policy makers are reviewing economic impact and trying to find solution, governments of nations are engaged in resolving the crisis. In all of these, we see man’s struggles and helplessness in the face of a calamity that is defying man’s solution.

Recently,Thomas Schaefer, the Finance Minister of Germany’s Hesse state, committed suicide because of the overwhelming impact of Covid-19. Dependency on men and nations have failed woefully. Those the developing nations would have run to for help are even more helpless and confused. Frustration is every where. The superpowers have been humbled.

People are terrified. Many of these may happen, if we do not engage God for intervention. Fear and hopelessness is seen in the eyes of health workers who are risking their lives to help manage the situation. They also need our prayers.

In Nigeria, people even joke and say it is an affliction of the rich? How ridiculous and ironic. So who is the driver of the rich? Who cleans his house? who is the security man of the rich? Guys we cannot continue to joke with these issues.

Folks lets pray like never before. Your religion notwithstanding, Pray. This is not time to crucify any pastor or imam. Its not about them, its about you and I.

It’s about the future of our children who cannot be in school.

It’s about the private sectors who very soon will not be able to pay salaries to people who are not engaged.

It’s about rising prices and food that is running out in the market.

It’s about your neighbours, family members and siblings who will soon be coming to you for help to feed their families.

It’s about our society and increased crime rate as a result of joblessness and hunger

It’s about you, when you will have so much money but nothing to buy in the market. Oh Pray!


Pray like you have the virus!

Pray like your family member is affected!

Pray as if your living depends on it!

Pray for the health workers!

Pray for divine wisdom for everyone involved in finding solutions to this virus

Engage your heart, your spirit and your soul.

Please Pray, thats what we all can do and its cheap but priceless and effective.

And very soon!

This shall pass and we shall together celebrate.

– Adenike Babajamu (March 2020)

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