Covid 19: Be afraid enough to keep safe.

I don’t scare easy but for the first time since this pandemic began I’m afraid!And I’ll tell you why I’m afraid.
Madagascar gave potions to its citizens as preventive measures.
Ghana as the last time I checked had carried out 68,000 tests and use drones in their delivery. So they have the ability to ‘ be on top of things’ as they escalate. So a partial lift of the lockdown was done.
Senegal has developed $1 test kits.
Nigeria is insisting states hurry in the building of isolation centers. We don’t have enough test kits. We don’t have potions given. And people are to return to work.
Protocols are not observed as second nature yet.
I see a big disaster looming. We are not ready for this!
Prayer hasn’t shaken it off. As much as I’ve received spiritual guidance in so many aspects during this season, I woke up a few mornings ago and heard, ‘ they want to create ‘ herd immunity’ . People will get infected, die or recover and develop immunity against Corona virus. That will continue in the community’

So my advice and please pass this on to as many people as you can.
Work from home if you can till this blows over. Act like you’re still in a compulsory lockdown.
Watch, don’t go out except absolutely necessary. When you do observe all health/ COVID-19 protocols.
Mouth, nose, eyes are gateways. Surface of Pure water, bottles, fruit, nuts, money, public vehicles, places, pos, ATM, handles, rails, switches, tables, shopping bags, shoes, clothes can be contaminated. Exercise the uttermost caution. When wearing a mask, don’t drop it to the chin to talk and pull it back. You will contaminate yourself that way.
Have soap and water outside and wash up as much as possible before going in, when you do go straight to the bathroom. Don’t hug anyone yet!
Economic boom isn’t a reason to jeopardize people’s lives.

For those who have a covenant relationship with God, Daily apply the Blood of Jesus on your household & path.
And most of all; PRAY not PANIC! Be afraid enough to keep safe.
This too shall pass.

God bless and keep us.

Dr Ronke Gbaja (3rd May, 2020)

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