It was her birthday yesterday yet when it was time to get up in the morning, she was gone. She died on her birthday. How could someone so sweet and so young go on a most treasured day? Her birthday ended up to be her death-day.

It was a most painful time as I watched my friend mourn her first child at a tender age. I sat in silence not knowing what to say. How do you tell a woman not to weep or be sorrowful over her loss when you also felt that sorrow with her?

I returned home though devastated by the loss, yet wondering how so many things we take for granted. We are only kept by His grace and not by ourselves. 

Everyday is a gift from God and we should learn to appreciate Him for each moment. Every day is an opportunity to be kind to others because the next day may not be available. Everyday is a chance to love and put all those hateful feelings behind us. 

Let us therefore live each day as a privilege and not as a right. Let our whole lives be an expression of God’s Grace as we live daily.

Adieu to my friend’s beloved daughter. Goodnight Abiola Adefila, the invincible warrior. Rest in the bosom of our Lord. Your memory lives on. 

Mama Abiola, please keep faith and be comforted in the Lord. Remember that they that transit in the Lord do not die, they live forever in our hearts until we meet at His feet. Your little girl is singing with the Angels and heaven’s just got brighter by her light.


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