A life without boundaries is a life exposed to danger

All of man’s decisions in life have consequences. It is very important when taking decisions to weigh their consequences objectively to avoid pitfalls that are often attached to wrong decisions. This was my thought today as I carefully changed a decision I was about to take out of anger and frustration and I am so excited I was able to make that change.

It is not uncommon that friends, spouses, parents, children and many of our close associates directly or indirectly influence our decisions in life. To succumb to a wrong decision simply to please any of these people will have grievous consequences that we may have to bear alone.

Therefore, I urge you to review your decisions again particularly as the year 2020 gradually winds to a halt. Think through every decision no matter how simple it may be. Identify the likely consequences and do a SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats inherent in your decisions. Mitigate the risk or make provision to face them headlong where unavoidable.

I always advise people to take time before taking major decisions that has to do with life, investments, relationships, faith etc. There is nothing wrong with asking for more time to think through. Do not allow anyone box you into a corner of “last chance” or “last opportunity”. For example someone is trying to sell you a product and is hurrying you up with claims that you may never have such an opportunity again. That, is when you must take caution because if the opportunity was that good why didn’t he take it for himself.

Sometimes it is important to just sleep through. I have discovered that when we sleep over an issue, we often wake up with clearer heads in the morning and somehow, our subconscious minds work all through the night. We unconsciously appropriate the options and are able to come up with better ideas and wiser decisions.

Spiritually, I also encourage people to pray over issues. Praying helps you hand over the options to God. From experience, He always come through if we genuinely seek His opinion. The error many people often make is that we only seek God’s face after the decision has been taken. We expect Him to “rubber stamp” our desires. It does not work that way.

There are however, instant decisions in life that you may not have enough time to think; imagine being robbed at gun point, being approached by an oncoming vehicle while overtaking at a speed of over 100 km per hour, tackling a rapist on a lonely street and many others. These go to show that not all life’s experience has a manual. What works here is the Manufacturer’s manual https://glitter-s.com/2020/07/28/save-your-life-read-the-manufacturers-manual/. What are His prescriptions for such a time like these.

Finally, learn to set boundaries. Boundaries set over time register in your subconscious so much so that even if woken up in the middle of the night your response will be apt and accurate. A life without boundaries is a life exposed to danger. Determine your appetite and stick to it. Your decisions are your choices. They can make or mar you for life choose wisely

Adenike Babajamu (December 2020)

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