Have you ever bitten your tongue while eating? I have, several times and I can tell you the pain is excruciating. It resounds in your brain and immediately it happens the food in your mouth loses taste. Such a tiny act on a little member of the body yet so painful that it momentarily stops you in your stride. This make me wonder why so little things matter yet we hardly pay attention to them.

A few days ago, I decided to pay a visit to a distant colleague who I had not seen for a while. It was an effort locating her house but eventually I did. As soon as she saw me, her face literarily lighted up. “So you came” she said smiling. She had been sick yet no one in the office knew nor visited. I will never forget the joy that twinkled on her face just by that visit. The next day, she was at work still wearing the smile.

Our world has become so complex that we have completely forgotten the little things that matter. In our quest to accomplish our dreams, we often forget that life is made up of little things. We build up great houses, fill them with gadgets and other luxury but never really enjoy the small pleasures of life.  Often we look forward to the weekend and actually forget to enjoy the week.

While we continue to pursue the tornado, we miss the gentle breeze that was meant to sustain and ease our lives. It is important to consciously pay attention to those little things that matter and let’s see how we can improve our lives by simply taking steps. The list is endless, you can make up your own list and take practical steps to making them a lifestyle.

  • Smile some more: How often do you smile? Imagine walking on the street and someone smiles at you, your most likely response is to smile back.
  • Visit: Take time to check out people particularly those who least expect it. The aged are usually very lonely. Make a list of the aged and sick people around you and schedule visits.
  • Phone calls: Check out some of your contacts and give them a call
  • Give: often we think of giving expensive things that we never get around to buy because of paucity of funds. Give little things.
  • Say thank you: don’t just appreciate things or people in your heart, say thank you. Even when you think it is your right. The husband must always say thank you when your wife serves your meal. Parents say thank you to your little girl that just offered you a glass of water.
  • Walkout: You need to pack that car and walkout. I chose a routine and I can assure you the feeling after a walkout is amazing. You can choose a convenient time and start little by little. You can walk out with family and friends.
  • Give yourself a treat: Life is not that hard. Take yourself out once in a while alone or with family. Trust me it doesn’t have to be expensive; roasted plantain and groundnut tastes just as sweet.
  • Sing in the bathroom: don’t just rush in and out of the bathroom. Take your time. Sing and say nice things to yourself.
  • Meditate on the word of God: Think and meditate on God’s promises. If He did it for one person, He can do it for you. Appropriate it in your life.
  • Dream nice dreams: Dreaming is cheap. Stop all these crazy negative thoughts that may never happen anyway. Fill your hearts with beautiful dreams.
  • Laugh out loud and enjoy the feeling
  • Forgive easily and make excuses for people: Stop harbouring offences. It is called “double jeopardy”.  Live a free life.
  • Random acts of kindness: Consciously set time out to be kind to people. Go to orphanage, help your neighbour.
  • Family time: Pray together, watch movies together, play games together, sing together, walk and run around the house with your family. Stop running from home because when every other person rejects you, home is where you find solace.
  • Forget the past, forgive yourself, pick the lessons and move on with your life.

Our daily routine is filled with a lineup of these little things from when we get out of bed till night time. Make every day count. When we are able to fix these little things then the big ones will begin to fall into place. Robert Brault said “enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things”.

Notice the little things around you daily. identify the small things that give you happiness, even if it is just for a few minutes. If something makes your heart smile, note it and make sure you include it as part of your lifestyle.

What are the little things that matter to you that you would like to share? Please feel free to share


  1. Singing in the shower, running around the house, walking out, saying thank you and greeting and smiling to strangers…..Now i am saying thank you to you ma for this piece….love and light


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