On your marks…. Set … Go: Adventure 2022

Happy new year guys. Hope you had a lovely holiday? I welcome you to this amazing year that I have tagged Adventure 2022. By now you must have reset and are back to your default mode ready for a takeoff. Or are you still undecided on new year resolutions?

Guess what? You may not be the only one especially when you review your last year resolutions and see how little you were able to accomplish.

The truth is that we take life too seriously and in the process miss out of the fun of living. This is the reason why we punish ourselves for failing. This year, I have resolved to make it an adventure and enjoy each moment.

Does this mean I do not have resolutions? No! It means I am not going to be over ambitious in setting my targets. It also means that while I am willing to push a little harder, I am determined to enjoy every moment and be very realistic in setting my goals. If for instance my target was to read six books monthly last year and I only succeeded in reading 3, I am not going to increase to 10. I will probably go back to 4 or 5 books monthly.

What I am offering is that we should be very intentional about our resolutions and stop building castles in the air. Let us be content with taking baby steps and grow them into giant strides with great joy. While it is important to set SMART resolutions, we must be careful not to be overzealous. This way, we would not end up by June, 2022 with an unachievable goal that would be ultimately jettisoned for “no plan” or a free style that gets one to nowhere by December, 2022 .

So get set guys for year 2022 adventure. Don’t be afraid if you are not audacious enough. Be content with your baby steps and watch how they grow into giant strides. My mum always says, “the sky is wide enough”. You are your competition and not anyone else. When you beat your previous record then you are set to win.

Here are a few steps you can take to advance in this adventurous year; start a blog, go back to school, get online certification, learn a new skill, get a side hustle, travel, get out of your comfort zone, change your job if you are not happy, get vaccinated and stop living in fear, improve your life by introducing technology, start healthy relationship and don’t be afraid to quit unhealthy ones. Oh yes, get married or better still have a baby if you so desire. You have procrastinated enough. It is time to go for it.

Do something different and differently too. Don’t be afraid to fail. Try again and again until failure is ashamed to be around you. So guys, are you ready for the adventure? Set Goooooo……. Cheers to adventure 2022.

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