Guilty or not Guilty?

Staying on a diet requires discipline, self control and a great determination to fight the alluring temptations of sweet foods that keep staring at you.

Sometimes you break the rules and it feels like you have committed a grievous offense almost equal to robbery against yourself. This was just how I felt yesterday.

I woke up with a craving for yoghurt and fruit parfait. I fought it with shawarma and told myself it was just for one day. And then I was offered fried rice with a big chunk of tempting fried chicken for lunch. I couldn’t resist any longer

Guys, I fell… broke all the rules. By night I felt really guilty. I wished I had resisted just a little more. Unfortunately I added more unhealthy calories and felt so guilty.

This is the summary of stuffs we do to ourselves and often end up doing things we really wouldn’t want done.

Discipline and self control are virtues of great men. It works in all cases such as maintaining a diet, keeping fit, exercises, work ethics, dealing with habits and addictions. It takes a lot of determination to deal with unhealthy habits and ADDICTION IS WARFARE: HOW TO WIN

Not to worry though, life gives us opportunity to start again each day. So if you failed like me yesterday, and felt guilty about it, it’s the reason God made today and offers another opportunity to try again.

Failing in its self is not failure until you completely give up and refuse to try again.

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