Of the Hills and Valleys

I am sure we have heard it said that the race of life is not a sprint but a marathon with bends and turns. Sometimes it is smooth and at others not so smooth. Sometimes it rains and at other times it trickles. In our selfishness and inconsiderate attitude, a little challenge here or there often throws us overboard but nonetheless it doesn’t change the fact that God remains constant.

I find Ebunoluwa submission on her page a summary of what our attitude should be in this month. Afterall, God has not brought us this far from January to abandon us in November. https://www.instagram.com/ebunoluwatofunmee/

Read except from her story below:

“I woke up to a rejection mail yesterday. I found this rejection particularly hurtful because I had expended time and already began training for the project. In that downtime, it felt like the sum total of all the good in October waned in comparison to this one rejection.

However, God stopped me right in my tracks and I soon realized how immensely ungrateful I’d be, in such state, failing to see God’s faithfulness despite the rejection. Often times, we find it easy to recount and dwell on our disappointments and expectations that didn’t materialize. At those times, we equally forget that the same God is the God of both the hills and valleys. God is no less greater in my failures than He is in my wins.

So today, I set out with a grateful heart and confidence in the God who works all things together for good according to His purpose. And, I took a picture as well to serve as a memorial and reference for when my big break finally comes through.”

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