He crowns the year with His goodness and His paths drop fatness (Psalm 65:11)

Doing the same things the same way almost always yield the same result. Folks, year 2022 is creeping, I mean running gradually out and here we all are. It is time to begin to take stock and take a peep into year 2023. I like the popular saying; it’s not over until it is or until you win. but sometimes it is not over until we REFOCUS, change the direction of our gaze, deemphasize our emphasis and readjust our binoculars on something different. To me this has remained my end of year password for years now.

Remember we entered the year with quite a huge list of expectations and many of us had documented Personal Development Plans (PDPS). Read about PDPs here ;

It is easy to tick and smile at the things we have been opportune to achieve from our list but what happened to those that just stood firm like mount Everest and Kilimanjaro and refused to shift base? They just won’t bulge in spite of several strategies, calculation and consultations. We even went spiritual; fasting, praying and binding and the mountain still says “I am still here o”

So what next? The password is REFOCUS; shift your gaze on something different, divert your energy elsewhere. For once let yourself go, live in the euphoria of the season. Remember, hope is for the living and no mountain is bigger than a man with hope. Indeed a living dog is better than a dead lion. (Ecclesiastes 9:4). Undermine the mountain, common(ize) it and make it feel insignificant. Guys, it’s time to shift focus. Haba e don do self! Let’s change focus in these last weeks of the year as they roll by.

Join me in this crazy excitement of living the times and not being stereotyped by this achievement mentality. Guys I’m shifting focus. I am so so excited. it’s almost contagious. My best season is here at last and that is just enough for me.

You want to join me? Well this is it? Lined up annually are activities that help me refocus, change my priorities and prepare me for the following year. I am sure you will find similar activities around your environment irrespective of where you are on the globe. And guess what? In the midst of these activities in the past, my miracles often happen the mountains just began to shift unnoticed and indeed God crowns the year with His goodness and bountiful harvests as I focus on Him in appreciation and adoration for still being here on planet earth. He didn’t bring us here this far to abandon us.
So guys set your calendar, roll out your dancing shoes, give yourself a break, take that vacation, let’s celebrate our victory of life over death, triumph over defeat, safety in the midst of chaos, safety on our roads, healings and the many deliverances from several insecurity challenges of our continent. Yes maybe we indeed lost a few things and very precious people, or some dreams were thwarted and roads shut I’d say like my mentor, God is the reason why everything is not lost and something is still remaining.

To God alone be all the glory forever and ever and ever.

PS: Below are a few of the annual activities that occupies me and gets me prepared for the new year. Be my guests or look for similar ones around you but by all means dont be caught sulking.

Welcome to your most beautiful end of the year experience


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