I heard this disturbing story yesterday and just can’t take it off my mind. A young lady in her twenties traumatized by a childhood experience decided to seek counsel. Her story, pathetic as it sounds is a recurring one in our society and not uncommon in some others.

Growing up, her parents had open their door to a “Pastor” who was a regular visitor in their home. Each time he came, he would spend a few nights and over time he warmed his way into the hearts of the parent of this young lady who was then a teenager (14 years).

At night this unholy guest would creep into this little teenager’s bed and abuse her. She attempted reporting to her mum who not only ignored her but also shouted her down with a claim that she must have been hallucinating. I mean this mother believed her guest above her own daughter. That’s strange, don’t you think?

Eventually with no one to confide in, the so called “pastor” continued to abuse this girl and eventually got the parent to release her to him for a deliverance session which he conducted outside the home. Well, you can only imagine what the session was like.

This whole business of rape and assault continued with this teenager until she grew up to become a young lady completely abused, traumatized and disillusioned about life. She summoned courage and decided to share the experience with her two other sisters. Alas! The two other sisters were also victims in the hands of this demonic agent. He had deflowered the three of them right under the roof of his kind hosts.

My heart bled as I listened to the pathetic story and honestly I am worried that a mum should be so careless to be hosting a devil right under her roof.

Mums Wake up!

How can a woman sleep the sleep of “death” and not notice the changes in her daughter? As a Mum what do you talk about with your kids? It is not enough to give them chocolates and ice creams. You must build trust in your children. They must be able to confide in you.
I mean what kind of mum would throw a report of assault by her daughter aside and call it hallucination? Is it not better to err on the side of caution. Haba?

This is a call to all Mums and parents in general. Please stop bringing up children that you don’t have the intention to raise. To have your three daughters raped under your own roof is enough trauma, but to have it done by a guest you invited into your home with a good intention is devastating. What happens to mother’s instinct? Haa! Oluwa gba wa o.

Don’t be too trusting of strangers and even family members. Most often rape is committed by known associates, family members and trusted people.

Read the story on rape here “ I am a woman. I have been assaulted, I have been abused, I have been sexually molested I have been raped. Yet how I wish someone had taught me how not to be raped”

Mums wake up! It’s not enough to pray for your children. You must WATCH and pray. You owe it to them.

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