BLAME THE DEVIL? (emi esu)

Strictly speaking from the spiritual point of view I do understand what is meant by emi-esu to mean demon possessed but not until recently, I had thought the concept was overrated and wrongly used to justify bad behavior. For instance when a thief or a ritual killer is caught here in Nigeria he blames it on the devil

Recently Tomiwa, a young girl adopted by my mother in the village was discovered to be responsible for a missing sum of 5,000 naira from her room. After series of interrogation she admitted it was emi-esu that constantly tells her to steal or rather take things that don’t belong to her. How the emi-esu never tells her to take things like books, novels but money and valuables beats my imagination.

While I can understand the stealing of money, what I do not understand is her replacing the content of my mother’s eye drops with water and administering same to the 82 year old woman for weeks thereby worsening an already bad case of glaucoma. Now that has to be sheer wickedness. When asked why she did that, She  blamed it on the emi-esu.

This and many other acts of wickedness of man against fellow man indeed calls for concern and are very disturbing too. I wonder why people do what they do? You try to be nice to someone and all you get is backstabbing and wickedness in return. This happens in families; husband kills wife, siblings fighting one another, children against parents, neighbors against neighbors. In offices, instances of  rivalry and unexplainable hatred that degenerate into unimaginable wickedness against fellow colleagues and friends are rampant.

I watched a video recently of a nanny who poured hypo into the meal of the child she was taking care of. When asked why, she blamed it on the devil.

The truth is that even God says the heart of a man is truly “deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jeremiah 17:9) However to do wickedness and try to pass it on emi-esu or any other reason is not acceptable. At least own it with your full chest otherwise repent and be converted.

We are responsible for our choices. It is only when we have made those choices that we get help from either God or the devil. I am positive that the devil is surely going to say “not me” to many of these allegations

Wickedness is first a choice you make consciously. Own it or be converted

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