Adenike Babajamu

My name is Adenike Babajamu. I am a dynamic personality who has spent years working in both the private and public sector at several management levels. I am passionate about human capital development. My focus in life is to help humanity see the light that shines at the end of every tunnel. I believe strongly in the slogan that everything is possible to him that believes it is. I am also assured that starting small in life is God’s divine nature but remaining small is an aberration and definitely not in line with God’s Plan for mankind. I am God-centric, a lover of God who makes Him the centre of everything

This platform is an opportunity to interact and share experiences with people, particularly young adults who are just finding their feet in all spheres of life. It is designed to be interactive. Your life transforming experiences are welcome. You may submit on my platform or email to glitterwithadenike@gmail.com

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