Art Impression


Too much of every thing

They say is bad

Indeed less is more

Just a little more pleasure

A little more liquor

Some more puff on the cigar

And the rich man’s offal

Winds up like an old grinding machine

Won kilo fun Olode The hunter is cautioned

The hunter would not listen

Just a little more

And he goes on a journey of no return

The hen! The hen is warned

‘Go not to the bin’

Lured by the aroma of the maize

She says just a ‘little more’

And soon becomes a meal for the hawk

Baby shaprapra

‘Slow down, flee for your life’

But no! Just a little more fun

‘My eyes must see’

Abi kilode? What is the matter?

Make I chop my life

Slay Mama’s life is consumed

If only Alakori discern and comprehend,

That less is always more than enough

And just that little more might be the last

He will be wiser

Little indeed is much.

Light at last

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