There is light at the end of every tunnel. No matter how dark the night, light breaks in the morning

  • The JAPA Generation: A generation to watch
    Japa means “to depart or flee your country and never return”. Let’s talk about the JAPA generation. It is indeed a generation to watch out for. Not me thinking “Kunta Kinte” or Obama.
    sometimes it is not over until we refocus, change the direction of our gaze, deemphasize our emphasis and readjust our binoculars on something different. Some challenges in the year have just refused to shift base and are firm like mount Everest. They just won’t bulge in spite of several strategies, calculation and consultations. The password is to shift our gaze, REFOCUS on something different.
  • Of the Hills and Valleys
    Often times, we find it easy to recount and dwell on our disappointments and expectations that didn’t materialize. At those times, we equally forget that the same God is the God of both the hills and valleys. God is no less greater in our failures than He is in our wins.
  • How I changed my lifestyle to change my life.
    I have read so much weight loss stories and never thought I would be writing one.Many of those stories are best imagined than real. I had also tried several strategies to reduce my almost 100kg (220 lb)weight. I had tried fasting, diets, herbal teas, Gym etc. Some actually worked but within a couple of months … Continue reading How I changed my lifestyle to change my life.
    This is not just a rhyme but this September has indeed been a September to remember. A season I will not forget in a while. So it is with nostalgia that I bid September 2022 goodbye. Adieu to a great month. Life’s challenges are sometimes like trying to chew up an elephant. It’s so enormous … Continue reading GOODBYE SEPTEMBER: A SEPTEMBER TO REMEMBER
  • Guilty or not Guilty?
    Staying on a diet requires discipline, self control and a great determination to fight the alluring temptations of sweet foods that keep staring at you. Sometimes you break the rules and it feels like you have committed a grievous offense almost equal to robbery against yourself. This was just how I felt yesterday. I woke … Continue reading Guilty or not Guilty?
    Tribute to my colleague, my friend and my dearest sisterBOLA ONAOLAPO SIDIKAT ALAYA (NEE OLUMOH) How do you ever learn to say a final goodbye to a loved one?How is the best way to show how hurt you are?Sometimes you groan, you cry, you weep tremble and moans.Yet, everything seems inadequate to express your grief … Continue reading EXIT OF AN ICON: SHE’S GONE…..
  • HOW NOT TO BE 95, @ 55.
    “I can’t be growing old… Haba! I am only 55 not 95″ Did you ever get up from your couch in the sitting room, walked up into your bedroom to get an item and then suddenly find yourself lost in the center of your bedroom trying hard to remember what you actually came to pick? … Continue reading HOW NOT TO BE 95, @ 55.
    As an employee. Don’t wait until you are shown the door or pressured to exit. If it is not your own, then it’s not your own. The secret is always to start from where you are, doing what you know to do best and turning your passion to your job. Follow my Friday journal and let’s … Continue reading MY FRIDAY JOURNAL
  • Is it just me or has “April Fool’s day” gone extinct?
    I mean when I was much younger it was legitimate to tell a lie on April 1st and be forgiven. That was the only day you could prank your elders and get away with it. We looked forward to the day and actually would spend the night thinking of who to prank and what pranks … Continue reading Is it just me or has “April Fool’s day” gone extinct?

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