Deciding for Covid-19 vaccine…

Ever since Covid 19, many have lived in the fear of contacting the virus and probably loosing a loved one to it. Holding on to Faith in the saving grace of Christ,  I had grown far above the Covid 19 scare.  However with the introduction  of the COVID 19 vaccine, came many theories of conspiracy some ofContinue reading “Deciding for Covid-19 vaccine…”

Silence is golden…

Have you ever come across people who think they have answers to all questions? They act as if they know everything and always had a comment about every subject of discussion. Some of them practically complete all your sentences for you. They often take over the conversation and make others look stupid. I have comeContinue reading “Silence is golden…”


It was and I was just checked-in  to my hotel room for the night. I sorted out my clothes and hung them in the wardrobe. I was going to spend a few days in the town. Tired and completely exhausted from my journey, I crashed on the sofa in the middle of the room.Continue reading “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: NO ONE HAS A MONOPOLY”


As a fresh graduate from the University, I was posted to Edo state (former Bendel State) in Nigeria for the mandatory National Youth Service for all university graduates in Nigeria. I had a house mate that smoked cigarettes. Her name was Ayisha (not her real name). I used to admire the way she held theContinue reading “ADDICTION IS WARFARE: HOW TO WIN”

A life without boundaries is a life exposed to danger

All of man’s decisions in life have consequences. It is very important when taking decisions to weigh their consequences objectively to avoid pitfalls that are often attached to wrong decisions. This was my thought today as I carefully changed a decision I was about to take out of anger and frustration and I am soContinue reading “A life without boundaries is a life exposed to danger”


The year 2020 has been an awesomely great year for the whole world and my country Nigeria, in particular. It is a year not to be forgotten in a hurry. While the world records the highest number of casualties from the novel Covid 19 pandemic, my country has in addition to the pandemic, added severalContinue reading “YEAR 2020 IN PERSPECTIVE : A REVIEW OF MY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (PDP).”

BE CALM – “Please listen…..”

“Mummy, Ife put earrings in my ear”  Pete, my two year old son said as we drove home from a church service. Why would she do that? I asked thinking that he meant Ife tried to make him wear earrings. “Didn’t she know you are a boy” I added and everyone in the car laughedContinue reading “BE CALM – “Please listen…..””